The Crew

Molly, Baxter & Kala… just looking for some adventure…


Molly grew up in Texas and after graduating from university, decided there was a great big world she wanted to explore.  Professionally, Molly has been a Project Manager, Recruiter, Human Resources Consultant, and a Website Administrator, but these titles don’t define who she is, they only provide income for a lifestyle that she loves.  She met Baxter in Atlanta and soon after they decided to relocate to Salt Lake City, Utah for six months of a ski season.  Six months evolved into eleven years that included not only skiing, but snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, motorcycle riding, skydiving, scuba diving, road biking, running marathons, racing in triathlons and exploring the vastness of the American West.  Alas, the freedom of the ocean and the simple but challenging life of living aboard a sailboat was too enticing and she decided that a house in the suburbs was unfulfilling.  One of Molly’s favorite moments is to watch the sunrise on a horizon covered by water and relish in the wonder of the day and what it will bring.

Baxter grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and professionally trained as an attorney.  He has competed in the Hawaii Ironman, paraglided, skydived & BASE jumped around the world including jumps from cliffs in Europe, caves in Mexico and the Petronas Building in Malaysia and he has also climbed Mt. Everest.  Baxter believes that life is a lesson in risk management and enjoys exploring limits and experiencing new adventures.


Kala is a Border Collie / Labrador mix who adopted Baxter and Molly when she was six months old.  She has a thirst for adventure all her own.  Her hobbies include hiking, swimming, playing with sticks, chasing balls and surfing.  Kala is extremely communicative and has no problem interrupting a conversation to let you know its time for dinner or telling a strange dinghy they are just a little too close to her boat.  Kala has a European Passport that currently includes over 27 countries and as far as the US, she’s been to 38 states.  Kala’s dreams are pretty simple and parallel those of her Mom and Dad – find new places to roam, find new friends and toys to play with, and always be surrounded by love.