Ocean Passages

Vigo, Spain

Going to Vigo

We pulled into our slip in Vigo, Spain.  Our friends Dan and Francine planned to escape the Wisconsin fall and were flying into Vigo to meet us.  Vigo is the largest city in the Galician region.  It is the 14th largest city in Spain with a population of 300,000.  Dating back to the middle ages, Vigo suffered attacks by just about every group imaginable, including the Vikings, Turks, and British to name a few.  Finally in 1656, Philip I built a wall to protect the city.  A wall which is still partially preserved.  Vigo is also quite well known as one of the starting locations for a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostelo.  

Between Two Hurricanes

While we were in Vigo, we had the rare threat of a hurricane to the Iberian Peninsula.  Hurricane Leslie threatened the southern part of Spain and Portugal.  Hurricane Michael headed north to the Bay of Biscay.  Terrapin was in the middle waiting for both of them to pass us by.  

A Little Package

Since we had time to explore, we decided that we would take the train back up to A Coruna.  It was strange to go back by land to a place we just left.  However, we had a little package that had been chasing us since Dublin.  Instead of continuing to send it south, we decided to go pick it up.  And the Spanish countryside was fun to see.  After lunch in A Coruna, we jumped back on the Renfe train south to Vigo.

Tour de Vigo

The hurricanes continued to loom, so we continued to explore.  We found a tour on TripAdvisor, discovering an insiders views of Vigo.  We indulged in the markets, rich seafood and delicious wine.  

Adios Vigo

Finally it was time to head out to Baiona, our last stop before sailing to Portugal.