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Sailing Into The Arctic Circle

Exploring the Arctic Circle

After arriving in Traena, it was time to explore the Arctic Circle.  We started with the island of Husoy in Traena, where the music festival was setup.  Dinghying in from our anchorage, we walked around the small town. There were vendors in tents, music pumping from cafes and hundreds of people.  Husoy was just one small island in a group of thousands so our next stop was Sanna. 

Waffles & Kaffe

Sanna is recognizable from a far distance because of its interesting topography.  Our first hike included a tunnel that gains 1500 vertical feet before opening on the other side.  In the middle, it is pitch black and a head torch (aka headlamp) is essential.  As we walked around, there was a small path that led down to the harbour so we opted for that.  As we arrived at the bottom, we met a group of locals who turned out to be the original founders of the Traena Music Festival.  We exchanged broken Norwegian and English and before long, the crew of Terrapin was invited to afternoon waffles and kaffe in a small community center.  Upon our arrival, twenty other friends of friends showed up and it was an amazing afternoon with people from Norway, Lithuania, Sweden, and the U.S. 

Caribbean in the Arctic

Picking up the anchor, we headed east to explore more.  Some of the places we visited included Rodoya, named after the mountain that looks like a red lion, Landegode, a small fishing village without even a café in town, and then our favorite anchorage in all of Norway – Indre Vettoysundet. If you told me we were in the Caribbean, I would have believed it.  White sandy beaches with crystal clear water – the only difference is the water is about 50 degrees. 

Bacalao in Nordskot

As we made our way back west, our last stop was in Nordskot where we had the local bacalao – a northern Norwegian traditional soup.  Bacalao is made of cod that has been dried and then rehydrated and incorporated into a tomato-based stew.  Very tasty!  From Nordskot we could see the peaks of the Lofoten Islands, where we would be heading next.    

Our new friends in Traena include people from Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, and the U.S.
Our anchorage in Nordskot
Kala is excited about hiking in Norway
Hiking on the moss and lichen in Indy, our favorite anchorage
“Indy”, our fave!
Still water in Landegode
Breathtaking views in Norway
Mirror reflections
Fun hikes on Sanna in Traena
The topography on Sanna can be recognized from miles away
Norway has a contrast of old and new, colors and gray. Terrapin in the background at anchor on Sanna
Quite a backdrop – at anchor near Husoy
Playing on uninhabited islands
Token Selfie – So happy to be up in the Arctic Circle

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  1. Hi Baxter, Molly and Kala (and nephews). I just viewed your last four You-Tubes and it was better than Sir David Attenborough on the BBC. Wow, what a fantastic trip. I love it all. The puffins, the fog (not), the overnighters, the friends, the sea, happy folks. What a blast. Glad you are having fun and have had mostly good weather. Take care and stay safe. Erin and Rob xx

    1. Hey guys!! Thanks for watching the videos. We are heading south again – you guys could come meet us in Dublin in Saskia 🙂

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