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Stavanger to Runde, Norway

Moving On

The time came to move north from Stavanger to Runde.  We said “See you soon” to our friends and left Lysebotn.  As the winds were from the north, we slowly made our way from Stavanger to Haugesund.  Haugesund has a channel with two bridges that are just about the same height as Terrapin’s mast.  Caution is key.  So we motored up the channel on the south side and up to the bridge.  That left plenty of room to turn around if we couldn’t find dock space.  Fortunately, there was an open wall at the Scandic Hotel, so we stayed there for the night.

Burden of Bergen

The next morning, we went back the way we came and then up the fjord towards Bergen.  Bergen is Norway’s second largest city and at the municipal dock, there were hundreds of boats.  Boats were rafted up three across.  Across the fjord to Florvag we went.  In Florvag, we found open dock space and talked to the Sailing Club Manager who said it was fine for us to stay since the renter had left. As soon as Terrapin was secure, Brennan, Kala and I headed out to grab some pizzas and a few veggies at the grocery.  Promptly upon our return, the renter returned in his power boat and was not as friendly as the other Norwegians we had met.  Instead of making our case, we left, unsure of where we would go. Needing diesel, we tied up to a fuel dock and decided to stay the night.  A good dock, safe and sheltered – the best we could ask for. 

Bergen, Take Two

After hearing so many great things, we still wanted to see Bergen.  We went back and though there were fewer boats, there was still no space for Terrapin.  Luckily, there was a great anchorage a few miles west so we dropped the hook.  Winds were forecasted to stay the same or lighter from the same direction and we would be leaving in the morning.  It turned out to be beautiful and very scenic. 

Prospect of Puffins

At dawn, it was time to head offshore for an overnight passage to Alesund via Runde. Runde is known for its puffin colony that comes to the island to nest May – August.  It would be incredibly fortunate if we could get a good view of these amazing creatures.  Having seen them in Newfoundland, I was always hoping to see them again – they have become my favorite! 

Sunshine and Fog

Offshore was a mix of fog rolling in with zero visibility and pure sunshine with views of the Norwegian coast.  And so it went for thirty hours until the morning when Runde was in view and puffins were everywhere.  Excitement was high to explore the small island and get as close as possible.

Tied to a wall in downtown Haugesund
Enthusiasm (stoke, brah!) is high for arrival on the island of Runde.
Trying to explain how much fun we’re going have in Runde to Kala.
Runde in fog as we arrived.
Puffins are so photogenic!
More puffins equals more fun! These are just a few of the 500,000 that live on Runde.

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  1. Puffins!!! How ADORABLE! I enjoyed checking out the photos and video 🙂 Looks like you’re all enjoying great adventures.

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