Ocean Passages

Across The North Sea

Across the Prime

On the heels of the low, we left Kirkwall and set off across the North Sea.  With Brennan at the helm, we said goodbye to Scotland and set a course of 090.  It is approximately 290 miles across the North Sea at that point, with the Prime Meridien just under halfway.  There is light in the sky at 1am at this time of year.  We crossed the 0 degree longitude and battled our way through traffic.

Traffic, traffic everywhere

Throughout the crossing, one of our main concerns was traffic.  We had oil platforms, boats that guarded the oil platforms, fishing boats that fished near the oil platforms (and their lights) and cargo ships traveling north from the EU to avoid.  Our AIS was working hard and a vigilant watch was required as we inched our way across our eastward course.

Land Ho!

Sailing for two nights offshore, we spotted the rocks of the Stavanger coast on the morning of the third day.  This was the first overnight passage we had done with Baxter’s nephews and it went pretty well.  Barring injury and no significant boat issues.  As we made our way into the city of Stavanger, it was amazing to see oil industry influence in every direction.  There was even a boat that moved entire oil rigs.  


Making landfall in Norway was a bit surreal.  If you had asked me when we bought Terrapin where I thought she might take us, Norway wasn’t even a thought.  But to be here.  In Stavanger.  Wow!  What a cool place to be and so many adventures ahead!


Beautiful sunset on The North Sea
Dark clouds give way as we find our way to Stavanger
Happy to fly the Norwegian flag
Dockwise doesn’t just ship boats, they ship oil rigs as well, apparently.
Terrapin at the dock in Stavanger
The streets of Stavanger
All kinds of vessels here in Norway
Fire in the hole (at the Stavanger Maritime Museum)
Who knew the Nazis occupied Norway in WWII?
A historical sail loft….probably looks the same as Ullman sails in Virginia today